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Join Alex as he peers a little closer at the predicaments of the modern day and age in What A Predicament.

With dry humour and the bare minimum of resolve he strives to shed some light on the hard and not-so-hard hitting issues alike, while pushing the boundaries of how little charisma you can have while still technically doing a podcast.

Live Sound

Nov 18, 2017

There's more to What A Cat Productions than the podcast, you know. But not much more.


Nov 17, 2017

Both seasons of What A Predicament are now available to stream on iHeartRADIO. Feel free to listen to those and only those for the rest of your days on the iHeartRADIO app.

Viva Talks

Nov 1, 2017

Alex recently lent his engineering expertise and podcasting passion to a new project, helping to put together the inaugural episode of Viva Magazine's Viva Talks podcast. Literature lovers can check it out here.

Ep. 20 Moko the Dolphin

Oct 7, 2017

photos courtesy of Lydia...

Oct 7, 2017

Moko was a beloved friendly dolphin too good for this world. To come to terms with what happened to Moko, Alex talks to a vet about the solitary dolphin predicament.