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Join Alex as he peers a little closer at the predicaments of the modern day and age in What A Predicament.

With dry humour and the bare minimum of resolve he strives to shed some light on the hard and not-so-hard hitting issues alike, while pushing the boundaries of how little charisma you can have while still technically doing a podcast.

Jul 30, 2016

From grassy knolls to magic bullets, conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of JFK have persisted since the day of the tragedy. But how has the humble pacific nation of New Zealand been implicated? Alex pokes around the half-century old murder mystery and discovers the truth might be closer to home than he...

Jul 23, 2016

Faced with the predicament of some stiff podcasting competition, Alex talks to a Foley artist about how to spice things up sonically.

Jul 16, 2016

Who really controls the media? Who is the proverbial “Man”?

From busy newsrooms to the halls of government Alex leaves no stone unturned in his search.

What A Predicament Ep. 4 Links

Jul 10, 2016

Here are links to the documentaries mentioned in episode 4 of the podcast for anyone with the munchies for more.

In Pot We Trust directed by Star Price

Cannabis For Kids: The Children Behind The Debate by...

Jul 9, 2016

Alex almost runs out of the creative steam required to write a description for this episode after using it up on such a brilliant title. What a predicament!
This week he looks into the curious predicament of why the New Zealand Government has criminalised one particular plant used in the textile and medical industries.