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Join Alex as he probes the predicaments of the modern day and age in What A Predicament.

Listen as he speaks to people who know things about stuff in an attempt to shed some light on the hard and not-so-hard hitting issues alike.

Soundcloud and YouTube

Aug 27, 2016

Selected episodes from season 1 of What A Predicament can now be enjoyed by you and your loved ones at the new What A Cat SoundCloud page.

And if you've always wanted to stare at a still image of the What A Predicament logo as you listen to the podcast you can do so on YouTube. Subscribe for eventual video stuff from...

Aug 20, 2016

Alex ponders the podcast revolution and approaches some podcast pros to learn some podcast pros and cons, but is it too little too late? Plus a big announcement!

Thanks to guests Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast and Bill Conway from Edgeland and The Hard...

Aug 6, 2016

From forearms to Pinterest pages — when did tattoos go mainstream? Alex puts tattoo culture under the gun and talks to a couple of tattooists to try to figure out how and when everything changed.

Thanks to Capilli Tupou and Benjamin...

What A Predicament Ep. 7 Links

Aug 2, 2016

Click the image below to access an archived pdf of the entire controversial November 23 1963 issue of The Christchurch Star featured in episode 7 of What A Predicament.